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About Us

Nowadays, there are various occupational health services: mobile health check-up, pre-employment physical examination, risk-factor assessment, occupational health training, and vaccination service. However, the mentioned services are not enough for entrepreneurs’ demand. The providers’ quality and reputation are still highly concerned.

To solve the problem, occupational doctors incorporate with occupational nurses providing a medical option for entrepreneurs and companies in order to take care of employees’ health and safety under the occupational health and safety standard. The Bangkok Occupational Health Company Ltd. has been established by our president, Mrs. Somkid Jitthaisong as a high quality complete occupational health center with occupational health experts, occupational health nurses and staffs who have been experienced and acceptable in occupational health field.

“ Quality manpower, quality organization ”

Bangkok Occupational Health Company Ltd. is a high quality complete occupational health center which services under a core value, customer satisfaction.

We focus on providing a high quality complete occupational health service under the international standard to entrepreneurs and organizations. With strictly abiding by the virtue and ethic, our occupational health experts concern customers’ benefit and maximum satisfaction.

Quality Policy
With the professional service, the Bangkok Occupational Health Company Ltd. provides international quality of occupational health service to serve customers’ acceptance and maximum satisfaction.

Safety Policy
The Bangkok Occupational Health Company Ltd. intends to operate with social responsibility. Most of all; we strongly concern in environmental effect, occupational health and safety, and virtue.

Our service

  • Annual Check up by registered doctors and nurses service for organizations
  • Risk-factor assessment service by occupational doctors
  • Walk-through survey service by occupational doctors and nurses
  • Basic Life Support and first aid training service
  • Interesting medical training courses for employees service
  • Providing registered doctors and nursed be stationed in organization service
  • Medical room system installation service for organization
  • Annual medical examination result analysis and risk factors follow-up for the disease surveillance
  • Occupational Medicine Consultant service for organization
  • Sanitation and prevention of disease activities service for organization
  • Vaccines immunizations service
    • Influenza vaccination
    • Hepatitis B vaccination
    • Hepatitis A vaccination
    • Cervical cancer vaccination
    • Pneumonia from Pneumococcus vaccination
    • Chickenpox vaccination
    • Vaccination for Diphtheria, Pertussis and Tetanus
    • Vaccination for Mumps, Measles and Rubella